Valet serviceEastern Cincinnati Aviation is pleased to offer some exciting new FBO services for airplanes, designed to give you more time in the air and less time with preflight preparation, cleaning or other tasks you may find annoying or time consuming.

Getting started is easy. Simply call us at 513.735.9500 or email to schedule and we’ll make sure your airplane is ready on schedule. Concierge Services are available during normal business hours and include:

  • In/Out (Valet) Service ($15)
  • Preflight/Postflight Service ($35/service)
  • Aircraft Exterior Cleaning ($320 for a typical 4-place aircraft)
  • Interior Cleaning ($35/hour)
  • Engine Heating ($20/engine)
  • Engine Pre-Heater Activation (No Charge)
  • Database Updates ($35)
  • Pilot Services
  • TKS Anti-ice Fluid
  • Oxygen Filling Service