FAA Aviation Medical Examiner, Dr. John Held, offers aviation medical exams at Sporty’s Clermont County Airport on select Saturdays. The cost of the exam is $100 payable by cash or check (no credit cards accepted).  An EKG (if required) is subject to an additional $35 fee.

To schedule, please call Sporty’s at 513.735.9100. 

Saturday, April 14 9am – noon
Saturday, May 19 9am – noon
Saturday, June 30 9am – noon
Saturday, July 7 9am – noon
Saturday, August 4 9am – noon

As a reminder, all pilots seeking an FAA medical are required to apply online via FAA’s MedXPress system.  FAA MedXPress allows anyone requiring an exam to electronically complete the FAA Medical Application (Form 8500-8). Information entered into MedXPress will be transmitted to the FAA and available for the Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) to review at the time of your exam.  A copy of your MedXPress application and submission confirmation number should be brought to the exam.

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