Flight Simulators

Frasca Mentor AATD

Frasca Mentor simulatorThe Mentor replicates a Cessna 172S cockpit layout, complete with an authentic Garmin G1000 panel with integrated GFC-700 autopilot that features advanced aerodynamic modeling, robust customization options and an impressive 200 degree visual display.

The Mentor includes options that have typically only been available on higher level devices including Frasca’s TruVision technology. The TruVision system provides worldwide database coverage that includes over 10,000 runways, coastlines, representative terrain, rivers, roads, and more, allowing the pilot to fly anywhere in the world and view representative terrain and runways in each area. Additional visual features include continuous time of day, sea state simulation, city lighting, moving automobile lights, and automatic building generation.

Frasca screen detailIn addition to global TruVision, the Frasca at Sporty’s comes complete with detailed satellite imagery within 150 miles of the Sporty’s/Clermont County Airport. The visual enhancement allows for realistic, scenario based-training, meaningful VFR cross-country flying and even ground reference maneuvers. By using the wings and struts as reference points coupled with the 1-meter, satellite ground imagery, pilots can perform all VFR maneuvers such as turns around a point, pattern work, side and forward slips, as well as approach to landings.

Further enhancing the realistic flying experience is the ability to interact with more advanced systems. The Mentor provides terrain awareness and traffic information systems and even synthetic ATC. Voice recognition technology allows the pilot to interact with ATC just as you would in the airplane.

The Frasca Mentor at Sporty’s is part of a collaborative effort by Sporty’s Academy and Frasca Flight Simulation to create training materials, including products, course content, and programs for flight students to use with the Frasca flight simulation. A planned outcome of the Sporty’s/Frasca partnership is to create systems which make the flight training process more efficient and make learning to fly easier and faster, thus maximizing the financial investment of every flight student.


Frasca 142 Flight Simulator

Frasca 142The Frasca Model 142 is an extremely popular and versatile single and multiengine flight simulator. The 142’s handling and performance characteristics are similar to that of a typical light, twin engine general aviation airplane and can be used for all phases of training. A powerful Pentium PC with Frasca’s latest processing software allows for realistic aerodynamic modeling and systems behavior, while a digital sound system produces engine and environmental sound simulations, enabling pilots to transfer more of what they learned in the simulator to the aircraft.

The included avionics look and operate very closely to the nav/com equipment found in new aircraft. In fact, the simulator has a KLN 94 GPS to provide all of the navigation position outputs as it would in the aircraft allowing full GPS approach capabilities. More realism is added with a Textured Color Visual System and a high-resolution color monitor. This technology greatly increases scene realism by adding detail to the images and provides accurate weather simulation. The Frasca 142 simulator may be used for private pilot through commercial pilot training, recurrent training, interview preparation and a variety of scenario-based training.

  • High fidelity flight simulation
  • Realistic handling and performance characteristics
  • Single or multiengine configuration
  • Bendix/King Avionics
  • Full-functioning KLN-94 moving map GPS with approach capability
  • Operable Circuit Breakers
  • HSI
  • Textured Color Visual System
  • Wide Cockpit