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ADVENTURE Adventure Begins with a Titan Powered Legend Cub

“Let the adventure begin” best describes the newest incarnation of the American Legend Cub. It’s taking the classic Cub to the extreme with a 180-horsepower Titan engine. Dubbed the Super Legend HP, it’s the first time a true Cub’s carried this much power and come this well equipped. Adventure awaits the most gregarious of pilots.

As history will attest, the Cub has earned its place among the world’s most beloved airplanes. Cubs are often imitated and enduringly desired. But this one’s far from ordinary with its plethora of modern features. The Super Legend HP from American Legend puts extreme power at the controls of the adventure-seeking pilot.

Super Legend HP - 180 HP Titan
The Super Legend HP is powerfully propelled by a 180-hp Titan engine.

One customer characterized his Legend Cub, with its big Titan jugs, as the “Big Watch” experience. Explaining that while having a big watch is not mindfully about telling the time, it does feel good resting on your wrist. With his Super Legend HP, he revels in sitting behind all that power and mindfully relishes in flying fun.

He’s not alone in grasping the essentials of flying a Cub. Jim Hoddenbach, avid pilot and founder of Disciples of Flight, proclaimed, “If you fly the backcounty, you need a Cub.” His depiction is spot on and applies to all pilots who possess a longing for adventure. While the common Cub disciple follows a backcounty love of the outdoors, they also possess a continuous quest for adventure.

Super Legend HP - 180 HP Titan
Super Legend HP on final. Photo courtesy of Sarah Dickerson Photography.

For the fun and adventure flying Cub pilot, one thing often left longing for is utility. The Alaskan bush pilot is commonly thought of as the ultimate utility aircraft pilot. The world they inhabit depends on flying and it requires the ideal utility aircraft. The Super Legend HP was designed with a utility role in mind. It’s built to withstand demanding conditions. Plus, it’s superbly capable of carrying pilots, passengers and their payload.

You’ve seen the Legend Cub around, at back-country strips, STOL competitions, farms and fly-ins. You often wondered what it would be like to possess one. Now is the time to fly one for yourself. Today’s Legend Cub is the smart, feature-balanced and affordable Cub of choice for adventure seeking pilots.

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